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Estate Lawyers in Surprise and Sun City West Help with Planning and Probate

Accomplished West Valley Arizona lawyers put experience to work for you

When you need a comprehensive estate plan or help with probate administration, start by retaining an experienced lawyer who is dedicated to protecting you. At Pennington Law, PLLC, our firm’s values and attorney Andre L. Pennington’s values as a military veteran and family man are front and center in our estate planning and probate practice. Our goal is to provide you with options that secure your wealth and allow you to transfer assets at the appropriate time as easily as possible according to your intentions. Our firm understands that end-of-life issues can be difficult to address. We approach the subject with sensitivity and candor, so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones. We serve clients in Surprise, Sun City West, Peoria, Goodyear, Buckeye and surrounding areas.

Knowledgeable Surprise and Sun City West lawyers with a commitment to service

Whether you come to us seeking estate planning advice or probate administration assistance, you will find our firm is:

When you retain our services, you have our personal commitment to do the hard work that yields the best possible results.

Comprehensive Arizona estate planning services give you peace of mind

Family can be the greatest gift, and protecting them now and securing their future are our foremost concerns. If you share this sentiment, you should know it’s never too early to design and implement safeguards for your family’s future. In our estate planning practice, we help clients of all ages and all walks of life protect their assets from liability and taxation, so they can keep more of their hard-earned wealth. We also help them secure a comfortable retirement and arrange for the eventual transfer of their property to beloved relatives, friends and institutions.

Our estate law services include:

  • Wills and trusts — Our firm can draft your will or update the document to reflect any significant changes in your life. Since a will is not always the best means of transferring wealth, we can advise you on effective alternatives, such as living trusts, which enable you to enjoy your assets during your lifetime and pass your wealth seamlessly to your heirs upon death.
  • Powers of attorney — Circumstances often call for a temporary or permanent transfer of legal authority from one person to another. Powers of attorney allow you to entrust a specific person with certain duties related to your health and welfare.
  • Advance directives — Also known as a living will, an advance directive allows you to clarify the types of life-saving medical procedures you feel are appropriate.
  • Probate and estate administration — If a loved one has passed away leaving a will, we can guide you through the probate process that confirms the will’s validity. If no will exists, our team can assist with estate administration so that assets are transferred to the proper beneficiaries.
  • Trust administration — If your loved one has left assets in trust, someone must oversee that funds and/or property are distributed to the beneficiaries. Mismanagement can result in unnecessary loss of value. We often advise trustees or act as trust administrator to ensure the trust performs as the grantor intended.

We take a personal approach to estate planning. Since no two clients are alike, we take the time to get to know you and your unique circumstances so we can present the best options for accomplishing your goals.

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