Brigid M. Hopkins is an esteemed estate planning attorney and licensed financial professional, whose expertise in probate and estate litigation and financial services sets her apart in the field. She proudly leads the Buckeye estate planning office, located on Main Street in the Verrado community, where she wholeheartedly serves her clients’ estate planning and financial needs. Brigid’s unwavering commitment to her practice is bolstered by her deep-rooted connection to the local community, making her an invaluable asset in navigating the complexities of estate planning and avoiding the pitfalls that often lead to estate issues.

Understanding estate administration and estate litigation is crucial for the ability to create a comprehensive estate plan that avoids the pitfalls commonly faced by your typical estate planning attorney. Estate administration involves the process of managing and distributing a person’s assets after their passing, while estate litigation deals with legal disputes arising from the administration of an estate. By having a deep understanding of these areas, Brigid is able to anticipate potential issues that may arise in the future and proactively address them in the estate plan. This knowledge enables her to draft clear and enforceable documents, ensuring that the client’s intentions are carried out smoothly and minimizing the likelihood of disputes among beneficiaries. Additionally, being well-versed in estate litigation equips her with the insight to recognize potential areas of contention and to employ strategies that mitigate the risk of litigation. Ultimately, the ability to navigate estate administration and estate litigation enhances her skill set, allowing her to provide comprehensive and effective estate planning services that safeguard against her clients’ legacies.

Being both a financial professional and an estate planning attorney is a unique blend in the legal field and offers a unique advantage in growing, protecting, and transferring a client’s wealth to the next generation. The combination of these roles encompasses both legal expertise and financial acumen. As a financial professional, Brigid is well-versed in investment strategies, risk management, and asset allocation, enabling her to provide insightful guidance on growing and preserving her clients’ wealth. This comprehensive understanding of financial matters complements her legal knowledge, empowering her to structure estate plans that optimize tax efficiencies and protect assets from potential risks and liabilities. Furthermore, by intimately understanding her clients’ financial goals, she can tailor estate plans to align with those objectives, ensuring a smooth transition of wealth to the next generation. The synergy between being a financial professional and an estate planning attorney enables her to offer comprehensive solutions that encompass all aspects of wealth management, safeguarding her clients’ legacies and promoting financial well-being for future generations.

With her holistic approach, and a desire to be the best, which stemmed from her history as a high school and college soccer player, Brigid brings a unique blend of legal expertise and determination to her practice. This distinctive combination resonates particularly well with retirees and business professionals seeking estate planning and financial services, as they appreciate her tenacity and comprehensive understanding of their needs. She understands the importance of building strong connections and takes immense pride in fostering relationships with the residents of Verrado, contributing to the community’s cultural and professional growth.

Brigid’s Midwestern upbringing, enriched by strong family values, has instilled in her a profound appreciation for the significance of familial bonds. Her close proximity to her parents and sister, who also reside in the Verrado community, enables her to intimately understand the needs and aspirations of her clients. With a deep-rooted understanding of the importance of family ties, she navigates the intricacies of estate planning with a compassionate approach, ensuring her clients’ legacies are protected for generations to come.

In addition to her unwavering dedication to her clients, Brigid finds solace and inspiration through her love for animals. Her passion for horses, cultivated through her years as an avid equestrian, allows her to comprehend the unique bond between humans and these majestic creatures. She appreciates the joy and serenity that horses bring to one’s life, which further deepens her capacity for empathy and understanding when assisting clients with their estate planning needs. Additionally, Brigid’s beloved dogs provide unwavering companionship and unconditional love, serving as a constant reminder of the compassion and care she brings to her practice.

Brigid is supported by her loving and hard-working husband, Garrett, and their beautiful three-year-old daughter. Brigid’s personal and professional commitments intertwine, strengthening her dedication to her clients. The warmth and harmony she experiences in her own family life radiate throughout her work, enhancing her ability to provide her clients with the peace of mind and security they seek for their future.

Brigid’s unwavering dedication, deep connections to the community, and profound love for animals form the foundation of her unique and personal approach to estate planning and wealth protection. By blending her legal expertise with her passion for helping others, she ensures that her clients receive comprehensive and tailored solutions, granting them the peace of mind and security they deserve as they plan for the future.

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  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale, J.D.
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  • Arizona
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