You can use your estate plan to select a guardian for your child. If you pass away while that child is still a minor, the guardian then takes over and helps raise them. Since this person would be a substitute parent, it’s very important to choose the right individual.

Doing so can be difficult. This is definitely a decision you want to think about carefully. Here are three questions it may be wise to ask.

Should you choose the child’s grandparents?

For many young couples, their instinct is to choose their own parents, who are the child’s grandparents. But this may not be ideal, depending on their age and health. Will elderly parents actually be able to care for the child until they turn 18?

Should you pick multiple people?

If you have any concerns like this, one thing to consider is choosing a backup. You may want to do this even if you have selected a relatively young guardian as your initial choice. In case something goes wrong – for example, if they aren’t in a stable financial position – then you know someone else will be able to assist. Your child should always be your main focus.

How do you want them to raise your child?

Because you’re choosing a guardian, you want to think about how they’re going to raise your child and what that experience is going to be like. It’s hard to find someone who would parent exactly how you do. But you should try to find someone who has similar values and similar goals, giving your child more stability.

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