Selecting a Trustee for Your Arizona Estate - Pennington Law


Setting up a living trust is a crucial step in ensuring the seamless management of your Arizona estate. One pivotal decision in this process is the selection of a trustee. The trustee, responsible for overseeing the management of your assets, plays a pivotal role in the success of your estate planning. To make this decision with confidence, there are three essential qualities you should seek in a trustee.

Financial Acumen:

A cornerstone quality of an exceptional trustee is their comfort and proficiency in handling finances. While they don’t need to be financial experts, they should possess the skills necessary to manage investment and retirement accounts effectively. In partnership with Pennington Law and Pennington Fiduciary Services, you’ll find trustees who are not only knowledgeable but also well-versed in financial management. This expertise ensures that your assets are in capable hands, leading to optimal growth and safeguarding against financial missteps.

Dedication and Time Investment:

Selecting a trustee is more than appointing a figurehead; it’s entrusting someone with the responsibility of meticulously managing your estate. The professionals at Pennington Law understand the significance of this commitment. Our trustees devote ample time and thoughtful consideration to ensure the seamless operation of your trust. We recognize that a trustee’s availability directly impacts the trust’s effectiveness. With Pennington Fiduciary Services, you’ll have dedicated trustees who stay on top of payments, deadlines, and the overall maintenance of your estate plan.

Navigating Complex Decisions:

In the realm of estate planning, trustees often encounter intricate decisions that may not always align with popular opinion. Pennington Fiduciary Services excels in this area, ensuring that even the most challenging choices are approached with a steady hand and unwavering commitment to your wishes. We understand that carrying out your responsibilities as a trustee can sometimes lead to friction among beneficiaries. With Pennington Law by your side, you can be confident that difficult decisions will be handled professionally and empathetically, preserving family unity throughout the process.

The Importance of Licensed Financial Professionals as Trustees:

When it comes to entrusting someone with the management of your estate, the importance of having a licensed financial professional cannot be overstated. Pennington Law and Pennington Fiduciary Services take this aspect to heart. Our team comprises licensed attorneys and private fiduciaries, all of whom are accomplished licensed financial professionals. This unique blend of legal and financial expertise ensures that your estate is managed with a holistic perspective, integrating legal intricacies with sound financial strategies. Having licensed financial professionals as trustees adds an extra layer of assurance that your assets are not only well-protected but also poised for growth.

Easing Legal Disputes and Ensuring Efficiency:

One exceptional way to ensure a seamless estate administration process while mitigating legal disputes is by enlisting the expertise of third-party trustees. Pennington Fiduciary Services stands as a paragon of excellence in this field. Our services alleviate the burden of potential conflicts, streamline the administration process, and uphold the unity of your family. By entrusting us with your estate planning needs, you’re choosing a partner who values your peace of mind and the preservation of your legacy.


When it comes to selecting a trustee for your Arizona estate, Pennington Law and Pennington Fiduciary Services stand out as preeminent experts dedicated to serving your best interests. Our licensed financial professionals possess the financial proficiency, time investment, and decision-making finesse required for effective estate management. With our unwavering commitment to alleviating legal disputes, ensuring efficiency, and maintaining family unity, we invite you to choose Pennington Law and Pennington Fiduciary Services as your trusted partners on your estate planning journey. Your legacy deserves nothing less than the supreme expertise and compassionate care we provide.

Andre L. Pennington attributes his passion and success as an Arizona estate planning lawyer and licensed financial professional to one thing: wanting to do what’s right for his Family.