You can use your estate plan to select a guardian for your child. If you pass away while that child is still a minor, the guardian then takes over and helps raise them. Since this person would be a substitute parent, it’s very important to choose the right individual. Doing so can be difficult. This […]

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Asset protection plans are useful vehicles for safeguarding your wealth and ensuring that your assets are protected from potential creditors, lawsuits and other financial risks. As such, they should be prepared with extreme care and attention to detail to maximize their effectiveness and legal compliance. Getting guidance from experienced legal professionals can help avoid the […]


The general public often thinks that estate planning is only for the elderly or those with life-threatening illnesses. The truth is that it’s never too early to start an estate plan. Whether you are married or not, preparing for the future is always a good idea. Making an estate plan now is the first step […]

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You start your estate plan with a focus on financial assets. You want to preserve your wealth, perhaps maximizing the amount that gets passed down to your descendants. You may want to use trusts and other estate planning tools to guide how wealth is handled moving forward. But you also have children of your own, […]

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With many parts of an estate plan, the person making the plan has no control over how the inheritance is used. They can decide who gets the money or other assets, but it is up to that beneficiary to decide how to use them. If they leave someone $100,000 in their will, that person may […]


If you live in one of Arizona’s many communities for seniors, you likely have a home that’s worth a considerable amount of money. If the community is only for those 55 and over, or has some other age restriction to help ensure its relative tranquility for residents, you’ll need to consider that when you determine […]

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Estate administration involves accepting responsibility for someone else’s legacy. The personal representative of an estate must attend probate proceedings, properly manage estate resources and comply with the instructions left by the decedent. Often, estate plans include a small amount of compensation for the services rendered by a personal representative or executor. However, the trade-off is […]


Estate planning is an essential process for new parents. It offers a sense of security and assurance that their child’s future is protected, despite what unexpected events life may bring. Estate planning may seem daunting, especially during the busy and often overwhelming period of welcoming a new child, but it shouldn’t be pushed off. If […]

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Many adults in Arizona never get around to estate planning. Even those who do often seek out the fastest solutions possible. Instead of creating a comprehensive estate plan, many testators just draft a will. If there was only one other document that someone might need to consider including in their estate plan, it is probably […]

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The decision to create a will is one that you should never take lightly. Done right, a will can ensure that your hard-earned assets go to the right people when you die. Without a will, your assets would be distributed per Arizona intestacy laws. For your will to be enforced, however, it must go through […]