Rules for Inherited IRAs Arizona

Many Arizona residents include individual retirement accounts in their estate plans. These tax-deferred accounts allow people’s savings to grow without being taxed until they reach age 70 1/2 or begin making withdrawals. Because of this, people who make regular contributions to their IRAs throughout adulthood can save significantly, depending on whether they make the maximum […]

Tax Efficiency in Estate Planning Arizona

You worked hard and made sound financial decisions throughout your life. Now, you want to pass along as much of the wealth you’ve accumulated as possible to the next generation. Tax efficiency is a crucial element of your estate plan. At Pennington Law, PLLC, we help Arizona residents build comprehensive estate plans incorporating effective tax […]

digital estate planning

In today’s digital age, protecting your online assets through estate planning is more important than ever. Online assets include social media accounts, digital photos, emails, and cryptocurrency. Accessing these assets after someone dies can be challenging or even impossible without proper planning. If you have substantial digital assets, an experienced estate planning lawyer can help […]

Estate Planning Attorney Andre Pennington

Recognition of Excellence Andre Pennington has been honored as a leading figure in Arizona’s business community, a testament to his influential role as a top business leader and innovator. His work as the founder of Pennington Law, PLLC, has set a high bar in the realms of estate planning and financial services across Arizona. Pennington […]

Celebrating Pennington Law's Featured Article in Forbes and Fortune

We are thrilled to share that Pennington Law, PLLC, has been featured in both Forbes and Fortune magazine, recognizing our innovative approach to estate planning in Arizona. Our firm stands out by integrating comprehensive legal expertise with financial acumen, setting a new standard in the legal industry.   The Pennington Law Difference Founded by Andre […]

Cover-and-Article Sunlife Magazine

Pennington Law, PLLC, stands as a paragon of estate planning and administration in Arizona, a fact underscored by its features in Forbes, Fortune, and Super Lawyers magazines, along with mentions in the New York Times, USA Today, and Channel 12. This recognition cements the firm’s status as Arizona’s preeminent choice for estate planning services. The […]

Navigating Arizona Probate Laws with Pennington Law: Your Trusted Estate Planning Partner

When it comes to understanding and navigating Arizona probate laws, having a dedicated and experienced Arizona estate planning lawyer by your side is crucial. At Pennington Law, PLLC, our commitment is to protect you and your assets through comprehensive estate planning services and expert guidance in probate administration. Comprehensive Estate Planning Solutions Our primary goal […]

Strategizing Family Heirloom Bequests to Prevent Disputes

In the intricate landscape of leaving behind valuable family heirlooms, the process of bequeathing these treasures to your children and beneficiaries requires careful consideration. Allocating items of significant value among multiple heirs can be a nuanced endeavor, and to navigate this process with finesse, it’s essential to explore thoughtful options. Here are detailed insights into […]

Securing Generational Wealth in Arizona

Wealthy families in Arizona recognize the importance of preserving the wealth they have diligently procured to ensure a prosperous legacy for their descendants. However, maintaining wealth is not a guarantee, and proactive measures are essential to safeguard family assets. In collaboration with your trusted Arizona Estate Planning Attorney, let’s explore effective strategies to protect and […]

Fostering Family

The holiday season in Arizona is a cherished time marked by gatherings, shared meals, and the joy of opening presents with loved ones. Amidst the festivities, Pennington Law, your trusted Arizona Estate Planning Attorney, encourages you to consider and engage in crucial discussions about the future of your estate during this special time. Facilitating Honest […]