Fostering Family

The holiday season in Arizona is a cherished time marked by gatherings, shared meals, and the joy of opening presents with loved ones. Amidst the festivities, Pennington Law, your trusted Arizona Estate Planning Attorney, encourages you to consider and engage in crucial discussions about the future of your estate during this special time. Facilitating Honest […]

Estate Planning Attorney Andre Pennington

When meticulously crafting your estate plan in Arizona, a pivotal decision revolves around choosing the right individual or entity to oversee your assets during times of illness, incapacity, or after your passing. This entrusted figure, known as your attorney-in-fact, plays a crucial role in executing your wishes as if you were able to do so […]

Charitable Trust Arizona

Aspiring to leave a lasting impact on the world or cultivate a benevolent legacy for your loved ones? Embarking on the journey of creating a philanthropic trust in Arizona, including the strategic use of Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts (CRATs) and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts (CRTs), could be the perfect path forward. Whether your goal is to […]

Embarking on estate planning in Arizona requires a nuanced approach, particularly when it comes to transferring real estate assets to heirs. At Pennington Law, our seasoned Arizona estate planning attorneys specialize in navigating the intricacies of these processes, ensuring your legacy is protected through strategic planning. How to Transfer Real Estate to a Trust: A […]

Navigating Probate Administration in Arizona

In Arizona, serving as your parent’s executor carries a lot of responsibility and takes place at a very emotional time. It requires careful navigation of the financial and legal aspects to ensure that you honor your parent’s final wishes. The following areas of responsibility provide insight into the process and ways to ensure peace of […]

Safeguard Your Retirement Wealth

In Arizona, securing your retirement savings nest egg is a crucial aspect of retirement planning. Making informed decisions now and employing effective strategies to manage your savings can ensure a stable future for decades. The following points offer ways to help you protect your retirement income and relish your golden years worry-free with the guidance […]

Opting for a Professional Executor with Pennington Law

When meticulously planning your estate in Arizona, a pivotal decision is designating a professional executor from Pennington Fiduciary Services in your will. Instead of relying on a family member or friend, consider the numerous benefits that come with choosing a professional executor associated with Pennington Law. Expertise in Estate Administration Handling an estate, especially one […]

Probate Challenges, Tax Considerations, and Beneficiary Deeds

Securing your family’s future beyond your departure is a noble and selfless endeavor. Guaranteeing their well-being and preserving your family legacy for years to come is a profound act of care. However, these plans lose their effectiveness if they get entangled in a protracted, costly, and often perplexing process like probate. Fortunately, with the expertise […]

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In Arizona, the law permits you to select any individual over 18 and of sound mind as the executor of your will. Since this decision reflects your final wishes, you deserve the right to choose the most qualified person for the role. Consider opting for a professional executor from Pennington Law, PLLC for the following […]

Formal Probate Process in Arizona

When an Arizona resident passes away, a pivotal phase awaits: the probate process. At Pennington Law, PLLC, our experienced Arizona estate planning attorneys guide families through this intricate process. Probate involves authenticating the decedent’s will and granting authority to their chosen personal representative to oversee estate administration. This multifaceted process encompasses settling outstanding taxes and […]