Strategies to offset the 2026 estate tax changes

In Arizona and other states, estate tax rates will change in 2026, reverting to pre-2018 levels. This change could have unfavorable outcomes, limiting how much money individuals and married couples can give to their heirs without paying estate taxes. In 2023, individuals can pass on $12.92 million without paying estate taxes and married couples have […]

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In Arizona, a trust serves as a legal vehicle that holds your assets and allows a trustee to manage them. Trusts come in many varieties and provide benefits such as tax planning, asset protection and ongoing financial management for beneficiaries. Whatever financial situation you want to accommodate for your heirs, you can likely set up […]

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In Arizona, you can gain numerous benefits by placing your home in a trust. Doing so ensures that your home avoids probate and receives tax and other benefits. The following explains more about the how and why behind placing your home in a trust as part of your estate planning. How to Put Your Home […]

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Estate planning is important for everyone, but for Arizona grandparents, it can be particularly important. Grandparents may want to ensure that their wealth and assets are distributed according to their wishes after they pass away, and they may also want to provide for their grandchildren’s future financial needs. Create a Will A will is a […]

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Estate planning is essential for anyone who wants to ensure their assets are distributed according to their wishes after they pass away. However, estate planning can be especially important for Arizona grandparents, as they often have unique age-related concerns and goals that should be considered when creating an estate plan. Many grandparents want to leave […]


When an Arizona resident drafts their last will and testament, choosing the person who will serve as the executor of their estate is one of the most important decisions they make. Executors are tasked with guiding the estate through the probate process, which is sometimes quite complex. During probate, the court validates the decedent’s will, […]

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Generation-skipping trusts may appeal to older individuals or couples in Arizona with large estates. If you have substantial sums to transfer to future generations, a trust that gives to your grandchildren or other qualifying beneficiaries instead of your children can reduce or eliminate federal estate taxes. Federal Estate Tax Exemptions Currently, federal law allows an […]

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Many people think that getting their affairs in order is simply about planning for their demise. However, today’s decisions will affect an individual and their family’s wealth and prosperity at every stage of life in Arizona. That’s why an integral part of estate planning should focus on strategically growing and preserving one’s assets. Factors that […]

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Arizona residents set up their estate plans with the hope of being able to take care of their families for years to come. However, many estate plans are impacted by things beyond the person’s control – such as inflation. Over time, the cost of living will go up due to inflation. As the cost of […]

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Retirement is a big transition for many individuals and couples, but when you’re part of a blended family, parents plus children from previous marriages, estate planning in Arizona becomes even more complex. Retirement should be a time to relax and enjoy life. Still, suppose the proper steps aren’t taken to ensure everyone in your family is […]